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Here's a little guy that I whipped up out of some leftover bench scraps I had laying about from  "paid order" projects as well as bacon and beans stuff.....figured I might as well use them for something useful ...so I put this one in with this last batch of 25 or so PW blades that I started  about two weeks ago and that I am just now finishing..(will post pics of those these next few days as I get them done.


I mean why waste the materials..?? The pieces aren't that big...But I managed to cobble this together...


Blade is 1095 Electrite with a 1095/meteoric iron mix..etched up a bit rough but that dang meteorite does that usually... had that little stubbins left over from a  larger dagger I did some 5-6 months ago...forged this out of it..didn't turn put all that bad


Blade is 4 5/8" long... some phosphor bronze bits for the bolster and pommel plates..some scrap waterboo horn for spacers and a short piece of stag for the grip...(needed the horn to get a usable grip length..) OAL is 8 1/2"..  Didn't turn out half bad for a leftover blade made by an old Dog Face from a  bunch of bench scraps I had laying about..


Back to finishing up the rest of this bunch...





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