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dry ice as a blasting medium?

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Has anyone here used dry ice as a sandblast medium? will it remove scale? As i understand it the friction of the blast causes an explosive sublimation (changing from a solid to a gas) that is a very effective blasting medium. without the clean up of sand. I have found a source for the pellets and understand that they need to be used quickly.

Safety issues.
Other input

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Yes it is used for cleaning the outside of buildings. Its not that cheap around here though, not sure what it would do on metal in particular. I think you would have to take in to consideration it will displace the oxygen with co2 so you couldn't use it inside a small area without good ventilation. Other than that I would be a cool setup to have I bet.

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We have had a specialty company come in to the plant were I work to Dry Ice Blast a couple of printing presses for us. There's no mess and no medium to have to deal with. The only clean up is the ink chips that are removed.
But thats all that company does and they made it look easy, I would imagine the initial investment is probably pretty steep. And a small setup would be cost prohibitive but I maybe wrong I have never priced such equipment. But back to the original question. Yes it does a really nice job.


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I worked at a place that made the head liners for mini vans and cars. We unrolled fiberglass between large heated molds. We looked at buying a co2 pellet sandblaster system. Very expensive. They would convert co2 into dry ice pellets and use it like a sand blaster. A lot of equipment that sounded like a jet engine. Did a great job with no sand to clean up but we went back to the old way due to the cost.


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Eastwood Co. - ALC Pressure Blaster 300 Pound


I would be exceptionally cautious before purchasing that particular blaster, the above model (300lb) is the cantankerous temperamental beast from west xxxx I get to deal with at least a few hours (if not days) each week. The compressed air to run it is formidable, the pneumatic valves it shipped with are not, where not, and never will be rated for an abrasive, the valve replacement gaskets cost a small fortune ($250). I cant categorically state that blaster is still using those valves, but if it is save yourself the trouble.!!!!!!!!

(I feel better now :P ) We are looking at replacing our valves with a real abrasive gate

as far as the soda blasting, seems many blasters are available, and it sounds interesting,
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