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I think this guy is going to be disappointed

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I see this CL post here in Huntsville Al and I think we all want a $2.00 a pound anvil. Got to give credit for having brass.

I'm looking for a free anvil or one to buy.....I will pay $2.00 per pound or more for a really nice undamaged anvil...........



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Here is another good one.

This guy has photos posted show lots of tools and anvil in Talladega Al. I bet he charges a bunch more than $2.00 a pound.

WANTED Anvil, Anvils, Vices, Forges, Any Blacksmith Tools. I'll pay $ 2.00 a pound or MORE for good ANVILS, TOP dollar paid for nice un-abused anvils. Any size , 5 lb. up to 800 lbs., Very Large Vices, Please call or text After 9:00 AM or Before 9:00 PM. Thanks   


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I wouldn't knock either of them too much.  It costs little or nothing to ask that way, you can reach a fairly large audience, and if you're looking for one to use rather than resell you only have to get lucky once.  Although the chance may be slim of getting what he wants at that price it's significantly better than if he didn't put it out there at all.

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