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What size cylinders and what pressures are you folks that have a hydraulic press running?  I currently have a H frame that runs a 5" cylinder at 2000 psi. The frame flexes at full pressure. I am looking at building a narrow throat C frame press and trying to figure out if I am better off using the cylinder and power supply I have or looking for something different.    Thanks

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how much experience do you have of designing such things, if your frame is flexing then you are putting too much force on it.

 on a H frame that is bad, on a C frame it can be deadly.

I measure deformation with a dial gauge when testing a press and test it to above working pressure, think it was 35 years ago I made my first one, sold it a couple of weeks ago.

have worked at pressures up to 900 bar and cylinder diameters of up to 18 inches in the past ( but not at the same time ) and yes that is 900 times 15 psi aprox

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I acquired the H frame press in a trade. Whoever built it used 1/4 by 8" channel iron and bolted it together.  I got it primarily for the components and knew it would not stay in the form I received it. I have heavy I beam to make a press but I was wondering what people were using for a general shop press.  I have used it to form drop handles and to hot form 1/4" plate into candle holders. I want to build a solid press before I try much more with it. I am not a knifemaker but I can see using a press with pattern dies occasionally.

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