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hello from SE Michigan


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just another smith from the suburbs north of Detroit. DAC Scout leader in a troop and a crew, who does smithing demos at Cole Canoe Base, during the Summer Camp seasons. Joined MABA in 2004, been a part of the PM1225 [RR] group since 1977, at MSU campus. Did my first real blacksmithing with them in 1986, in the old AnnArbor Backshops in Owosso forge room, with 1/2x3 bar stock. They needed hinges for a door that was 'accidentally' backed thru with a boxcar! Met Tinker2 at this moth's MABA meeting.

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Welcome to I Forge Iron OldeScouter.
I am pleased that Tinker2 has pointed out a good place for you to teach and learn more about the blacksmith craft. The more minds we have to analyze issues, the better chance we have of improving and optimizing the concepts that are discussed here.
Myself, I cannot keep up with all of the new (to me) and old established information that is being shared or refined at this site. I find it to be a gold mine of information coupled with very interesting people.
At this time in my life, I have become just as interested in the story behind each person that is standing near the forge and anvil who have a face blackened with coal residue from wiping the sweat off their brow.
This is the same person who is swinging the hammer with one hand and holding the hot piece of stock gripped in tongs with the other hand.
This same person is a Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Wife, Daughter, and Son, and continuing on down the line. Each has a story of how or why they got started blacksmithing and have an active on going daily life. As I say, I like to hear about the people part of the blacksmith also.
I say all of that to say this; Thank you for sharing some of your interests and experience with us. As you might guess, we love photos

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