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pattern weld for design

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i was over at a much older excoworkers house yesterday and his wife had little candies with shapes in the center  like xmas trees and oranges  watermellons  and it got my brain working  so i looked up how they do it for candy and was wondering if anybody had succesfuly  got a specific  image in their pattern  now i am not expecting it across the hole billet just the end  of like a round bar or square i was thinking it would make for a cool end for a cane or a pommel  i have seen some vids close but the al seem to be going for the  side of the billett not the end 

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Search under mosaic damascus and it's been done for decades now  The American Flag Bowie Knife with the correct number of stars that was given to President Bush; The one of Santa Claus and his sleigh with all the reindeer (amazing things can be done with wire EDM preforms!)  Ends are just another side...

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