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I Forge Iron

Someday...Assuming I hit the lottery, straight razor

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What parts do you want to copy?

Not the good old boy "I don't need no steenkeen PPE" part, or just run it down the drain thing either, I trust.

The set up around the vaulted coal forge is good.  I like his dedicated fluxing table and being able to flip the cover off the quenchants is good as well. They take up more room as do any dedicated features in a shop.

I'm still watching and waiting for a tempering process but not knowing what he's using for the HC bit it may not need tempering. I'm not going to comment on his using "Tempering" for all his heat treatment processes, that could just be the translator or maybe his terminology.

Another thing that's common to modern cameras, the steel was NOT that hot when he quenched it, modern cameras enhance things that are glowing so the temperature he quenched the razor was NOT yellow.

Back to watching when I can take a break, we're dog sitting for a friend and the visitors need walking. We renamed Julie's new miniature doxy rescue. There is just no WAY we're letting such a beautiful cinnamon red boy go through life being called. . . Bowser! Ughhh :unsure:.

His new name is Vinny. He and "Molecule," Julie's Chihuahua are sort of cousins to our pack so "My cousin Vinny" fits nicely. I think Deb and I have named all but one of Julie's dogs in the last 18 years. It's a small price to pay for excellent dog sitters you know. ;)

Uh, go ahead and ignore the hijack, it wasn't my purpose for talking doxy dogs but I just bathed him and he needs some special attention till he's dry. He was getting a little locker room ripe.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I liked the forge area.  Giant hood, the stonework, everything seemed very functional, and that hammer was a beast.  As for his smithing technique I have no clue about that.  I do know straight razor collectors are also straight razor users and freakishly obsessive about them holding an edge.  I tried to use a straight for a week after practicing on and successfully shaving a balloon.  It was a blood bath.  I don't use them anymore.

Small dogs are easy to bath, our 106 pound rotti mix on the other hand not so much.

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Anyone else notice that the anvil on that power hammer was jumping around like CRAZY?  That would drive me nuts.  At best it's serious efficiency loss, medium case it's probably hard to do precise forging, at worst something's gonna break.

The part that would be best to emulate from that vid is the part where clients walk into the shop and hand you money.

Sweet edge work.  


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