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Finished my 2x72 grinder

Jonah k

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Finished my 2x72" belt grinder. Still have some adjusting and troubleshooting to do with the tracking adjustment but It does operate. Used it to make some slitting chisels and  clean up my new hawk. Made it out of a piece of 10" wide flange I got for my power hammer I cut into a tee. Used a salvaged 1/2 horse industrial grade motor for power and got a buddy to turn the platen wheels on his lathe. Other wheels I salvaged off a general 2x24" grinder I had and didn't like. Anyways here it is.




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Thanks lawn jockey the last knife I did I hand ground on wet sandpaper and I had about enough of that.

Thanks for the word of warning Steve. 

7 hours ago, natenaaron said:

I've been contemplating the same build.  I've decided buying new is just out of my range.  More time and scrap than money.


Did you purchase the wheels, or scrounge them?  If you scrounged them what are they off of?

The platten wheels a buddy turned for me on his lathe. And the drive and idler wheel are salvaged off of a 2x24" general international benchtop belt grinder.

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