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Tempering swords?


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Turns out the "proper" name is strip heater. Similar in idea, but more suited to what we are talking about.

KC Lund sent me this and I would think he would not mind me sharing. I will encourage him to make a pamphlet on the subject for sale.

Here are a few brands and part #'s for the strip heaters:   



CHROMALOX: 071383016   It's 240 volt 42-1/2" element, 1500 watts

                            121427          it's a 47-1/2" element, 2250 watts


WATTLOW:        SGA1J42J01  42-1/2", 1500 watts

                             SGA1J47R01  47-1/2", 2250 watts


VULCAN:            OS1442-1500A,  42-1/2", 1500 watts

                              OS1448-2250,    47-1/2", 2250 watts

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