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Peening both sides of a plate or knife

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What is the best way to peen both sides of decorative plate or a knife blade. I built some tea light holders and peened both sides with a rounding hammer and it looked good on one side but the last side you peen cancels out the other side. I hid the other side so it still turned out alright but I have a Japanese chefs knife with peened finish that I really like and would like to make a similar hunting knife. I'm thinking spring swage made with ball bearings but I'm open to ideas and would love to see other peoples tooling.


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I would say your best bet is to make a fuller for your hardy hole roughly the same size and shape as the hammer you are using for the texture, and with that working both sides at once.  That's how it do it when I want to do other textures on flat stock or around round stock.

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19 hours ago, Dogsoldat said:

I may be wrong, but you should be able to put your work on a block of wood and peen the other side without mucking up the texture that's against the wood.  A spring swage would be another way of doing it


X2 on the wood block, that's what I use.  Be sure to soak the wood in water before using...LOT's less smoke!

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