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I Forge Iron

Antler and Iron Fireplace set.

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Nice project.  As Wulf said, the spiral is particularly well executed.  Did you use a jig for that and the floor ring, or just careful torch and forge work?

Only thing I'm not sure about is the transition between the antler and the steel.  Seems rather abrupt.  I'd like to see some kind of flare, swell or cap on the steel to make that joint look more "intentional", if you know what I mean.  If you upset the end of the tools, where they join the antler, then neck them back down into a tang for that joint I think it would work well.  Perhaps on the next set...

Might also be cool if you attached the large piece of antler to the end of the spiral, to echo what you have done with the tools.  It seems to have a curve that follows nicely that of the spiral.

Still an excellent effort just as it stands.  You have progressed very quickly.

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Thank you. I was toying with an end treatment for the end of the spiral. I like both ideas for the next time. I did it all in the forge, I don't have a torch. one of the toughest aspects of this was the rivet I place where the circular base starts up into the spiral. It is all one piece but I wanted the base solid so i had to taper and rivet it there. Getting that transition smooth was difficult for me.  The radius and curves were all set to match the top antler that I wanted to use. 


I finished the broom last night. 


Can't seem to get the pic upright. 

fireplace set.JPG

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