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This is a Craiglist find.  The cylinder is small and so is the pump, but it was the right price.  It is a 110 electric motor.

The large square block on the table is a shatter tank for pressing bearings.  I don't want the shaft out that far so I put some blocking on top - safety police...I will be adding material so they lock in place and can't slide off.  The shatter tank is made from 1/2" plate.  The 2 pieces of 2x6 on top is 3/8" wall.  The can on top is 1/2" wall 6x6 tube with a 1/2" top plate.  Again, I will build pieces to lock all these in place.

Question for you press guys, have you placed a gauge on your machines to indicate force?  If so, can you share pictures of your gauges?








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All you need is a pressure guage and figure the area of the rams cylinder. As an example if the ram has a 2" diameter that would be an area of 3.141 square inches (pi x diameter squared). At 2000 psi hydraulic pressure that would be 2000 x 3.141= 6282 lbs of force

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