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first attempt at forging


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Hey! Long time reader first time poster.

Growing up my dad did some hobby knifesmithing and blacksmithing so I've always had an interest in both. Recently I started experimenting with various forge designs and have had varying levels of success. Anyway this is my first attempt at hammer forging a knife shaped object out of a rr spike. I am aware that rr spikes do not generally have enough points of carbon to be anywhere near proper knife making steel so I didn't bother heat treating this piece which means this is closer to a letter opener or kso than a knife. In the future I think I'm going to do my experimenting with hardenable steels so my efforts are more worthwhile. Anyway here it is! Any and all criticism/advice is welcome










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Wow, I'd say you did a really nice job.  Extra points for going the distance and taking the time to clean up the finish.  Most people who present a spike knife as their first project show something that looks like it has simply been squashed flat and is covered in 36 grit grid marks.  You, however, have achieved a nice level of fit and finish.

Now that you are addicted, grab some of the good blade steel you mentioned, and have at it :)

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Thank you! I appreciate it. I'm sure a lot of spike knives make their way on here so I was a little hesitant to post something so basic. This guy was made as a gift for a friend so I wanted to make sure it looked nice, I spent a lot of time filing and sanding to make sure the twist looked as good as I could make it. Also tried to get a mirror finish on the blade but I realized after spending a few hours going at it that maybe my time would be better spent working on something other than a spike knife lol. The recipient loved it which was awesome. I'm looking forward to posting my first real knife when it's finished! Thanks for the feedback ☺

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