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Building a coal forge


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I want to build a coal forge ; I've forge a few times using one but I usually spent years using a gas forge only ; 

I know the build itself but was wondering about the pros and cons of using 316 SS (5mm thick) to build it,since I happen to have access to enough of this material ;

thanks for any input you might give;


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My quick search showed a melting point at 1400 f. Coal gets much hotter than that so it looks like not a good material for a fire pot. Maybe the ash buildup might insulate the pot IDK. It sure would make for a bad day to have a roaring fire fall out the bottom of your forge. Just get some 1/4 mild steel. That will work for a fire pot. Then use the stainless for everthing else. 

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Cast iron has a lower melting point than steel and has been used for a hundred years or more as bottom blast forge bowls. 

Mic you use clay with coal be aware it will vitrify (turn to ceramic) and clinker sticks to it like glue. A thin bed of sand or ash prevents this's a clinker dosn't stick to either one

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