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A Successful Failure..a Study in Patterns


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I have been working on this the last two days and this is what I came up with. This is a Pattern Study piece and while my theory was sound my execution needs to be worked on a good bit more... I still need to work out the ratios on the size of materials I need to get the undulations I desire in the center core prior to welding the pieces together. (The twist are more or less a no-brainer..had those figured out about 40 some years ago..) but the center core pieces, while they did work..the result wasn't as "snake-y" as I wanted so I finished it up anyway and this is what turned out.


The 15" long blade is welded  from A203D/E, 1070 and some highly refined wrought iron. The WI runs down either side of the snake in the center. It is so NICE and very fine grained that when etched it gives a "satin" or "quilted" look. This I did out of some 19th Cent graveyard fence I  squirreled away some 35 plus years back..


Bovine ivory grip that I "fossilized"  with KMnO4... along with phosphor bronze mounts. I know what I did wrong on this as I figure I will need about 1/3 more width on the outer pieces before I pattern the center core piece so it is not a complete fail..more like a study piece really... As I have said many times.... "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted".. Still not too bad a piece for two days'  worth of work.


Currently posted for sale on my website





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I REALLY wish you had a diffuser on the flash or oblique lighting, the reflection makes it hard to get a good overall look at the blade let alone the pattern.

The snake-y part in the WI fuller is a tale in itself. A blade as legendary as Sting in an untold tale of middle earth.

When you say you want to make the side pieces 1/3 wider do you mean the WI or the outer sides of the blade? I'm not clear.

Have you thought of a name for the design once you get done studying Jim?

Thanks for the glimpse. Frosty The Lucky.

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You Sir are correct..I was referring to the WI pieces on two sides of the center "snake"..the three pieces were basically the same dimensions...3/8" sq when I welded..however I really should of used at least 1/2 x 3/8 welded on the 3/8 side to give me a bit more "wiggly room" when I patterned the center core piece.

The WI came out so velvety smooth and nice..gave great contrast to the shinier snake core.. Well at least I know my theory is solid..just have to hammer out the details and particulars...I'll get it figured..

I might of been born at night but it wasn't last night...


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I was hoping that was what you meant. The snake on that beautiful velvety WI is just so sensuous. I think a little wider core will balance the rest of the blade better too.

Huh, I was born about 11:00am. Mother said that was as easy as I got for the next 18 years.

I sincerely look forward to seeing what you figure out.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Take the photo outside on a bright overcast day. That will give you an excellent photo.

Or, send the sword to me and I'll photograph it in my studio and send it back. I promise to send it back HEHE.

It's an amazing piece of art by the way.


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