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Reciprical Hack Saw

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Purchased this today from a boot sale.

It uses standard type hacksaw blades.

I used to use one similar at work years ago, you could also grind the blade thinner and use it like a scroll saw on metal plate.

Cost me £40 I think it was well worth it






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Ayup, good find.  Die filer--which do take saw blades.  But you blew it:  With a cool tool like that around, now you opened a can of worms and have to make some really cool custom die blocks and punches to match :)


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Thank you all for telling me what it really is,


I shall enjoy using it ,I also have a No 3 & No 2 fly press so it should be very useful .

The Maker is:- A Finney and it is a New Wonder they used to manufacture machinery in Birmingham for the aircraft industry jDSCF0059.thumb.JPG.87a8e8007c1769ee2a4b8ust up the road from where I live, they used to call it the City  of a thousand trades shame time as moved on.

I wonder if people in the future will feel the same about 3D printers ?

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