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I Forge Iron

First two hammers

Wesley Alberson

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I really like the look and idea of offset bladesmithing hammers, so I decided to make one, loved the feel of forging with them, then made a heavier one.

Here is the first one I made from an old piece of water tower wrought iron and a piece of 5160 forge welded, 2lbs:


It looks weird, I know. But it feels really good when forging with this. The head being tall and curved creates a "triangle" between the hand, face, and eye. This makes the end position of a hammer strike much more comfortable because you don't need to really stretch your wrist to align the face with the steel. This isn't the case with the second one that I made, but it is still angled a little.

Here Is the second one, made from a piece of old tractor equipment and a piece of 5160 car spring forge welded to the face, slightly angled eye, 3lbs:



Any comments and critiques are welcome!



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You could etch the part below the handle with no problems...I etched an adz in vinegar once to show the forge welded steel on it---lent it to a Mat Sci professor to show students how it used to be done---and a warning to not assume a piece is all the same alloy!

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