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Peddinghaus made in USA?

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Having just ordered a new Peddinghaus number 12 anvil from the Ridgid toolshop in the UK, I enquired about delivery times. I was told, by them, that these are now made in the USA and would have to be shipped over?! Is this true? If so, has anybody noticed any difference in quality? Or is he just talking nonsense.

Thanks in anticipation.

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3 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

No reason to believe one over the other is there?

I was curious. I did quite a bit of research and forum trawling before ordering and saw no mention of this. A change of manufacturer is likely to change the product. I'm not suggesting a US manufacture would be inferior, just different. I've seen some criticism of the recent German product.

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RIDGID bought Peddinghaus the anvil and vise forging company, in Germany.
RIDGID is American.

Main center for RIDGID in Europe, is Belgium. The anvils have always been, and are still forged in Germany.
Even though RIDGID is American and their main center in Europe is in Belgium.

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