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mig spatter

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MIG welding.. causes spatter.

Any weld with stick or MIG cause some amount of spatter. Excessive spatter can be cause but improper angle of the electrode. But most spatter can be knocked off with a good chipping hammer. Some electrode also cause more spatter then others or it could be incorrect polarity. 

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Lincoln hand book says" cause 1. too high current, 2. Wrong electrode, 3. Wrong Polarity, 4. Too large electrode.    for excessive e splatter.  Generally I've been told that dirt you can't see on clean surfaces, moisture. intermittent nature of arc.  MIG weld is not a continuous process especially when doing it with an inverter.    My unit is an inverter and I do short circuit not spray so it expect it to spatter.  It is even worse when using flux core and no gas.  

One thing I learned in the Industrial gas industry was that every metal surface has a film of moisture on it that is difficult to remove with out heat. 

I expect that the pro's will add to and correct me.

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Most welding supplies hand out welding handbooks free, pick up a copy and read up on it. Mig is NOT just a point and shoot welder, you still MUST know how to weld. There are too many problems to list that will cause excessive spatter. Is your welder actually producing excess spatter or are your expectations off?

Frosty The Lucky.

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2 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Hard Vacuum also works...but I haven't checked if they've done a space suit with a welding mask built in...

Hard Vacuum does do it but it also takes a while.   When working with high purity materials I'd pull down to 30 milli-torr  shurt off the pump and come back the next day to see how much increase was left. We Had bake out ovens that pulled both vac and heat to clean cylinder for filling with certain reactive materials. 

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