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Rounding Vise Jaws


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I have heard many different opinions on whether or not post vise jaws should be rounded similiar to an anvil or left sharp. I think many times we don't have too much say due to the condition of the vise. However how do you feel that the edges of the vise jaws should be dressed? I realize to that a big factor is the use of the vise as well.


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I dress an area of mine on one side as i do a lot of cold bending over the open jaws of a vice and they will dig in if left sharp and leave marks, same for supporting axe heads

 I have even welded on 40mm round bard to one end of one of my vices to support axe heads with Viking ears (langets) when drifting.

 I have smashed the forge welded steel Jaws off of two of my leg vices, Until then I thought them indestructible.   They are not.....


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