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Calgary Blacksmith Club Meeting 10 AM January 9th 2016 @ Pioneer Acres

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Hey guys, I've been asked to "get the word out on the internet" about the Calgary Blacksmith Club. Several of the members have been involved since the early 90s and are professional Smiths. There are also several noobs (like me), making for a nice mix.

This month's meeting will be at Pioneer Acres just outside Irracana (about 35 minutes from the North end of Calgary). The Blacksmith shop at PA is set up as historical as possible with coal forges, lineshaft equipment and 100s of antique tools. Even without the forges going, its a very neat shop, but, we typically get some time on the anvils building skills and sharing techniques before wrapping up around 2PM.

If you have any questions, shoot me a PM, or post here.

Thanks, Alg

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I'm afraid Algernon's flower has wilted, probably lithium deficiency.

Seeing as he isn't available you might have to search out the club by name and locality. Try calling: blacksmith & farrier supplies, feed and seed, farm supplies, horse people arenas, etc. If they don't know about the blacksmith club they'll know someone who does. Farriers are good folk to ask, they ARE specialized blacksmiths.

Do this on the telephone, almost nobody but NO BODY responds to this kind of question via email with the one notable exception if you stumble on a club member, then it's a maybe. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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