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Oil/Wax on Knives Video


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I found this video while browsing the web, and I didn't see it in the forums here recently, so I figured I would put it up.

This gentleman makes knives and treats them with 3-in-1 oil and blues them before sending them out to customers. A bunch of people were discussing best methods and he thought he would do a big sample of what the different methods can do to prevent rusting in a finished blade. Very very interesting watch!


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Any  knife should have food safe oil or wax.  Canola, Corn, Bee's Wax.  Don't use Peanut oil because of allergies.  Any knife is subject to cut something that you or someone else is going to put in his or her mouth.  The oil or wax soon wares away but that first or second use could cause someone a health problem and you a liability.  Some people are highly allergic to Peanut oil and just a small amount in a room can cause a reaction.  On a knife treated with the oil may get in a crevice, linger for a long time  and cause a problem. 

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