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I Forge Iron

new years eve at my place

the iron dwarf

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went to the shop late last night with the minion and two friends of his.

minion made a quick toasting fork to cook some crumpets on the forge with, the other two made a bottle opener each and I made up a small canister of old copper rivets, assorted brass and some small stainless steel screws in a small piece of mild steel tube, I also did a few parts for a pair of firedogs im making.

we got there at about 11pm and left at 2am





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placed a selection of scrap in copper, brass stainless etc in a tube that was welded at one end, they had been cleaned and degreased a bit but were not perfect, added a little powdered charcoal, just a pinch or two to scavenge any oxygen.

packed it in tight and got the open end hot and flattened it then goth the whole thing hot to about cherry red and flattened it with my press.

when cooled I used a grinder to expose the metal inside, the copper had melted and it is now a mostly solid mass showing the red copper, yellow brass and silver of the stainless in a random pattern.

the mild steel tube I used was about 20mm od and about 200mm long, just trying to make a multicoloured little bilet to see what it was like.

you could try swarf, filings, small nuts and bolts but as copper really like oxygen I thought about sealing it and adding the charcoal

I was pleased with the results and may try a bigger bit next time, will grind off more of the casing later


got the idea from reading about mokume gane

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