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I Forge Iron

help with forge pot please


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I made a throw together forge to get started. Now I want to make solid steel top forge. I have a nice heavy duty steel work bench I'm going to use to make it. My question is what size do I make the fire pit it self? I don't work anything over 2" to 3" diameter stuff. How wide and deep does it need to be? Any thought or suggestions.

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Hey there.  The biggest piece i have heat up was 2.5" round 6"long.  All you do is add more coke for a bigger fire.  The deeper the pile the bigger the fire.  I've seen smiths have a coal quench ladle to avoid it getting too large . I think I had atleast one cubic foot maybe two.  Mind you,  I am also a rookie.  The old blacksmithing books to download on here are a wealth of info.  

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Scotty P,

I personally prefer a deeper firepot. This allows the oxygen to burn off before it hits your iron. My fire pot is 11"x13"x5.5" Deep. I made it from 1" plate. I do heavy forging and often have 2" plus in my fire. This depth allows me to keep 4"-5" of coke below the iron and 2" or more around or above it depending on what I'm doing. This does not imply in any way that a shallower fire pot will not work, they do. And work well! i just prefer a deeper one, it works for me. A shallower may work for you! Dick Nietfelds website, Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop, www.blksmth.com has tons of valuable information. There are forge and firepot designs and plans as well as alot of other useful information that may be of interest to you and anyone who has an interest in blacksmithing. Dick is a great guy whom I consider a friend and valuable resource. And he imports some great anvils! Check out his website, lots of good info.


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