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I Forge Iron

Is this a good starter forge?


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Not really my area of expertise, I certainly don't know the market in your neck off the woods. 

Looks like the original blower under the left side of the table, is that a belt hanging down? Certainly needs a pump handle and a grate. Pan isn't cracked that's a plus. Looks like an old grinding wheel on the trailer?

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It looks good, for a forge like that, in my area they go for 1-200 USD. Depending on where you are (you might consider putting your location in your profile), the price may be higher or lower. Remember, the cheapest and most easily accessible forge is a hole in the ground with a pipe sticking into it. Don't think becuase it was mass-produced that it is 'right'. 

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HI Beeser, welcome to the forum. - We like you to put your general location in your user profile as you might find some guys are quite local to you. 


We don't get any forges like that here in the UK but personally if I was just starting out and that was within budget I'd go for it. As Charles said it looks as though there might be some parts missing but you could alter it to work so I wouldn't worry too much.

I think it might have been made by Buffalo. - Don't quote me on that though. 


Price depends heavily on your location in the USA (assuming you're in the USA) and how easily available blacksmithing equipment is in your area. 


All the best 


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If you are inferring someone here went and "poached" that forge because you listed where you are located, I seriously doubt it. Most members here are pretty straight about things like that. If it was listed on CL or some place else, letting it sit several days, it's common for someone to see it and inquire after it. I've seen stuff disappear off CL minutes after it's been posted.


We have several members who are in the Az area from what I remember. Getting a contact with a good smith in your area can be priceless, and you can't hook up with people if we don't have some idea where you are located at.

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