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Railroad spike sword?


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17 hours ago, Frosty said:

The pic makes it look galvanized, don't just toss it in the forge. That would be B-A-D. :(

Frosty The Lucky.

It definitely is Frosty. I'll be stripping that down before it sees any heat. The junky rod I've been hammering on was coated or painted with a goldish coating and I've been whipping that off with a wire wheel before sticking it in the fire. Do you think that's a good way to remove it or should I be using some other method? Not sure if creating the dust is nearly as bad as the fumes from burning. I wear one of my embalming masks anyway...

Although, breathing NYC air every day probably already has my lungs "galvanized"  :unsure:

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Be VERY careful of Gold colored plating, cadmium is VERY toxic. Getting it in you in any form is serious badness, it's considered to CAUSE cancer not just contribute or be a risk factor. Makes inhaling cigars seem like a good thing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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