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Bradley power hammer

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Anyone interested in owning Bradley power hammer the "company"? When I purchased two hammers 200 and 500lb. I came across the literature of the machine shop that owns the Bradley name, possible plans, paperwork, and patterns. Cortland Machine and Tool Co. Cortland, N.Y. phone (607) 756-5852. When I talk to them about availability of parts they seemed interested in off loading the Bradley part of the business. It would probably take a large foundry and machine shop to support a business of this nature, but WOW! Could someone possible produce these machines again? Is there a market? Air hammers are selling for $10,000.00 for a 100lb. Why isn't anyone producing mechanical hammers? Liability? Everyone knows the junkyard hammers are very economical, why can't someone compete with the air hammer?

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there might be a market there, but if you prove it the eastern competition would have a very similar machine for a 3rd of the price available before you could blink.

A 88lb chinese is only $6500 ish USD, and would out work a mechanical hammer of similar capacity x2. (I sell the chinese ones in the UK)

- the only reason to own the designs for a "historic" hammer manufacturer is if they have a good loyal following in your domestic thriving industry (such as aerospace forging) then you might have half a chance of getting a decent price supplying spare parts etc.

I will sell the Blacker hammer (designs & rights to make types B & C, no patterns) for $ 10,000/ all in to the first to PM me on IFI. :)

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Here in the US there are still several commercial manufacturer's who are using Bradley hammers and they depend on Cortland to have replacement parts on the shelf. Cortland only stocks small items like nuts, bolt and the eccentric shells. If you need a large casting made, it will cost you mega bucks. I was contacted last year by a company looking to replace a part of the big clamp on a 150# guided helve, and they had been quoted a price of $4000 by Cortland to make the part.

Danger Dillon- Congrats on the aquistion of those hammers. I had second dibs on that pair. I was hoping to replace my 300 with the 500. If you have questions about using the hammers or tooling etc, feel free to email me at pnowak@scotforge.com

Your question about commericalizing the production of a mechaincal hammer is interesting. I suspect that it is not being done, (in the US), because the costs of an American made hammer would be so high that no one would buy it. (This assumes a qualtity of construction on par with the Bradley). The last commercial hammer produced in the US was made by Chambursburg and their 100 lb model last listed for around $100,000. As to why no foreign company is making a mechaincal for market here in the US, I would have to guess that the perception is there is not enough demand, ie the demand for new hammers is for the air hammers. If you look at the prices being paid for old mechanical hammers, even in good shape, they are no where near the prices of new air hammers, so there is probably more profit to be made in supplying the new air hammers rather than new mechanicals. Even old air hammers will bring prices on par with new ones, but you rarely see an old mechanical hammer, even a big Bradley or Beudry in good shape, bring more than $6000-8000.


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That was just to good of a deal to pass up! I have moved both hammers, the 200 lb. went to a friends and the 500lb. came home with me. Not a small job to move both hammers but, that is part of playing with big toys! I also own a 250 lb. Murry (my baby) the hammer I do most of my work on, and a 750lb. Niles steam hammer I rebuilt. I have seen your hammer in the forgemagic gallery, it looks like you know that hammer front to back. Has your experience with the Bradley been well? I didn't get much of a chance to run the 500lb. before I remove it, but it seemed jerky? I assumed it was the belt. I was not able to kiss the metal as on my 250lb. where I am able to forge down to 1/4". The person who sold the hammer was cleaning the belt with Windex also he said if the hammer is left static to long the pulley will smoke the belt? Logic applies that the motor should be on the bottom, have you ever seen this arrangement? Also I just have to ask, do you work in the forge shop at Scot?




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