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Using coal for the first time

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So this is the left over coke and coal from my first attempt at smithing with coal and I was just wondering if I should try and strain out the dust? Or will it still be useful? My coal comes with quite a bit of dust out of the bag and if it's better to use just solid pieces I'll filter out the fines.

All opinions are appreciated, thanks.


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Well my coal comes as fines and I store it in a plastic bucket of water and take a shovelful, let it drain in the bucket and then apply it around the outside of my fire to coke up into chunks and then use it as normal chunks of coke.  Of course I usually don't have freezing problems with my bucket...

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I keep my coal in 20 gal. plastic trash cans (makes for easier handling) stored outside.  As I dig coal out of the cans, I usually give it a good shake each time.  When I get down near the bottom of the can, the fines and dust collect at the bottom.  I then sieve that through a strainer I made from fine window screen, put the coal dust in a closed can (so I don't spill it all over the place) and use it for punch lube.  If I accumulate an excess, I wet it and pack it around the fire to start coking it.

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