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Sharpening angles


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Today I finally got round to sharpening a couple of cold chisels. They are just the regular type from the jome centre. On the grinder, and I made a slighty rounded profile at close to 60 degrees. They work indeed a lot better when sharp! 

Now onto my hardy cutoff tool. I have bought one, making larger tools like hardy stuff isn't quite in my repertoire yet and I learned to appreciate the cutoff tool on my beginners course. The angle of the cutting edge on this thing is very close to the angle on my cold chisels. Should I worry about that allready and start to do a lot of grinding to get it shallower? Or just live with it and see how it goes in the future?


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A cold cut would have an "A" shape close to  60 deg all the way to the anvil, wile a hot cut is going to look more like an axe. As its hot steel you only need a thin section, say 1/4" with a 60degree cuting edge.  If your hardy is thick thats ok, dont sweat it. A brick chisel, peice of spring cut to fit diaginaly, a sucker rod knuckle...

all can be made in to servicible hot cuts. 

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