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Need a little information

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looks like a logging hook like the one in bp0392

hey smokeman i come to your area at the nottingham flea market twice a month near the herrs factory
just womdering how far you are from there
i live in claymont, about thirty miles form there
sometime i would like to visit you shop , i love to see what others are doing .
hope not to be invasive or forward

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The straight pin with the eye in it is puzzling to me.
I've used what we around here would call 'log dogs', but they are quite different in design than what is shown in your picture.

The ones I've used look much like BP0392, with a sharp right angle on the point which is driven into the log. 'L' shaped, but more like 120 degrees so the point actually digs into the log.

These must be made of heavy stock, 3/4 to 1 inch, to withstand being driven in and also knocked loose with a sledge over and over again.

Hammering on the eyes of the 'dogs' I have used would soon destroy them.

I'm only guessing at this point, but the chain may have been used to support something heavy in a barn(with pin being driven into an overhead beam).

Might have been used as a linking device for a horse-drawn sled or other farm implement.

Or it might just be a really old log chain.

Kind of interesting....I hope some of the historical smiths here will know how it was used.

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