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A spare small flypress

Joel OF

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A couple years back I scored a free small No.3 Denbigh flypress and recently I bought a huge Norton No.6DB flypress. I've 99.9% moved into a new workshop & I've setup my "hot metal working zone" in a way I'm confident stand the test of time, but I can't really find a good spot for the small fly press. (I don't think I used the small flypress once in my old workshop after getting the big one).

The only convenient spaces for it are down the other end of the workshop in the fabrication/assembly area which are too a long a walk from either my coke or gas forge for a piece of metal to retain a decent heat. My only heat source down that end is the oxy-propane torch which I positioned there to avoid coke spitting out onto the hoses / prevent fire welding nasties landing on the hoses.

I suppose if I put it down that end I could use it for light weight spot straightening, but even then it seems a bit decadent. Before I dismatle it and put it in the corner to become swamped by clutter forming around it, can anyone suggest any uses for it that may sway my mind to keeping it on the shop floor?

Merci buckets.

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there is a lot of detail work that can be done cold or with a spot heat. So a gas saver on the oxy propane and a comfy stool is ideal. working like this saves time and money.

a tool to hold dies only needs to be a chunky bit of mild steel and the dies themselves can be cheap disposable spring steel round.

John Crouchet is the go to person for some inspiration.

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Well I've put the oxy torch right next to a vise & I suppose I could even put my 2nd anvil down that end too...turning the cold end of the workshop could warm up into a "luke warm" end.

Hmm, I suppose that when I finally get round to making a touch mark I could have it (semi) permenantly setup in the littleun.

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