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Colorado Blacksmiths?


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Hello. My name is Abraham. I am looking for somebody to mentor me in becoming a blacksmith. I live in Colorado and I work fulltime but doing this kind of work I have found has sparked an interest in my heart. I am currently a glazier but I know that I can expand my knowledge in craft and skill. I want to learn how to make anything from knives to amazing works of art. It is an art that I want to learn. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I see lots of things people are making online. I want to be a part of that. I am a dedicated worker and learner. But for the most part I do not have money or the space to learn this skill at our glass shop or at my apartment. HA. But I know there are many blacksmiths out there who are willing to teach the art to somebody who is willing to give their attention to and hear what they have to say. If anybody who lives in Colorado would like to teach me this skill I am more than willing to give it my best shot!

Thank you very much and have a great day :)


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I once built a complete beginner's set up: Forge, blower, anvil and basic tools for under US$25.  I am sorry you can't afford that.  Concentrate on food, shelter, clothing first.

(used that forge as my main billet welding forge for several years too!)  And yes I post this pretty much anytime someone gets hung up on the costs of getting started in blacksmithing---which was the same reason I built that set up (and the most complicated tool used to build it was a 1/4" electric drill---no welder needed!)

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