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Followed me home and fixed

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My wife got these at a horse auction for $200 and brought them home two nights ago. Plus some tongs. Good wife, no?

Spent a large chunk of today taking the blower apart, de-rusting, and painting. I'll put it back together when it's all dry, and paint the lettering. The Columbian is 70 lbs, has about 6 million percent rebound, and under all that rust was in near pristine condition.  Just a little minor damage from some *explicitve deleted" cold shoer. Went more aggressive than normal and used a knotted wheel to get the rust and gunk off, then some BLO TLC.....which oughta dry in a month or two in this weather.


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Blower all done and purty. Fan needs adjustment, it's rubbing the housing, but the paint needs more cure time in this weather. It was tacky when I reassembled and I had to touch up a good bit. Probably bent the blades a little bit while cleaning the rust.


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