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I Forge Iron

Finally scored a propper anvil!

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Well, I did it. FINALLY managed to track down a 1/2 decent anvil (it only took me asking everyone I knew and didn't know, constantly, for about 3 months!).


I can just lift it myself; guessing around 60-70 kg in weight.


The guy I got it from said it had been in his shop at work for at least 50 years (not being used and stubbing toes).



It would appear to be cast iron (no makers mark that I can see through the rough casting finish, rust and paint).

However, to me this looks like a weld line for a steel hard-face (and it rings and returns the hammer differently to the step and horn, so I'm fairly confident it's a welded face.



The edges of the hard-face are slightly mushroomed (I'm guessing this was used by a farrier?)



The top of the face has what I think could be considered light hammer damage, but is still very usable and is better the bit of rail road track that I have currently.



Stoked to have something with a horn, and hardy and pritchel holes (if small ones - that's only a 16oz hammer I was testing rebound with next to it!).



The only particularly odd feature of this is that their appears to be a square hole identical to the hardy hole in the body of the anvil about 5-10cm beneath the horn. Anyone have any ideas why/what for? Leave me a comment.

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Easy way to tell steel or wrought from cast iron. Cast iron is kind of dead when struck with a hammer, the other stuff will usually ring your ears off. Cast iron body doesn't necessarily mean a bad anvil if it's got a good face, just quieter. I second TP though, if it's got a mousehole, it's probably forged. Might find a maker's stamp if ya remove the paint. Might not.

I don't think it was used for cold shoeing, they usually chip out a few places very badly and round out the hardy hole. Looks like mushrooming from hitting around the edges too much, either missing the work, or long use. You can dress it, cautiously, to radius the edges, although that's all I would do. Good luck, have fun!

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