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Restoration of an old kabar


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Charles asked me to rebuild his old Kabar in return for making me a sheath for my last blade, so here is the pics through the process.

After disassembling the handle I soaked in vinegar and cleaned it with a wire wheel, then cut off an inch or so and went to the belt sander. The new guard is just a36 drilled and filed to fit the tang. All of the other pieces are original. I removed about 3/4'' from the tang, drilled the new pin hole and removed some of the leather discs. After reshaping the pommel and checking the final fit was the heat treat. The final assembly was with 2500lb. epoxy the pinned the pommel and piened the tang over. Sanded the leather from 220 to 600 then hand polished. The final dimensions are 5" blade and 4.375 handle. I did not want to make the knife look new but instead wanted to keep the antique look so the blade and components were only sanded to 220 then quenched in oil and lightly polished to 600 by hand.













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Thanks TJ, figure a knife ment to keep a jarhead alive and take the abuse they dish out has survived the neglect that knife has seen, an old grunt wont be able to tear it up, and it will be there when I need it. Despite being Army, a K-Bar lived on my webgear many a mile. 

Tho it still showes it's military bones, your moddification of the hilt should bring it to hand well, the new gaurd is also much more substanial and of a civilian bent, and the new and shorter blade profile still has the versitility to go from can opener to defensive tool.

I will, in homor of your work endever to keep the can opening to a bare minimum however. 

For once, Army gets a Marine hand-me-down

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Nice job restoring T.J.! Whats not to like...I like the profile, blade length and new guard! Will be a good user now!

Charles, are you going to do a new sheath now to match?  That newly profiled blade would have been a real nice carry for us  grunts back in the day... ( i think you said you where 11B also?)

Anyway, nice score!

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Well at least you got your exercise with us! : )   combat arms are combat arms... all on the front.

Anyway , nice knife! Don't want to derail ya'lls thread!

Also just noticed TJ's another Okie!   I gotta get on here mire often.  Hope to see you guys some day at a Saltgrass event.


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