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I Forge Iron

First snows of winter

K. Bryan Morgan

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Man I miss studded tires. PA did away with then for one year before the public screamed and they brought them back. Problem is most places dumped all their studding gear and it's almost impossible to find anyone local who will still stud tires. Add to the fact the truck has an odd size tire, and only commercial tire places are equipped to mount them, and it's a loosing battle. I even had to explain studded tires to one of the guys at the commercial tire shop I usually use as he'd never heard of them before.

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I've only driven in snow once - about thirty five years ago on holiday in New Zealand. Scared the h outa me. We got caught in a blizzard of some kind and while waiting for the grader to come and clear the road I asked a local New Zealander how to drive in snow. He said just take it slow and steady.

So I did that. A few minutes later he overtook me on the downward side of the mountain, leaned out the window and yelled out 'Not THAT slow!" Seems I was holding up the traffic. My one and only experience driving in snow.

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