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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Southern NJ


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Hello all,

My name is Brian, I'm originally from WV and I currently reside in Southern NJ just outside of Philadelphia.
At my day job I work as a software/electronics hardware engineer for the US NAVY. I've been interested in metal working and
blacksmithing for many years but only recently decided to add it to my large list of hobbies
(ham radio, electronics, wood working, photography and probably a few more).
My interests are mainly split between decorative metal work, that I can use in my woodworking projects,
and knife making. 

After reading far to many threads here and on other forums I decided give it a try.
I hacked together a small charcoal "bucket" forge, which looks more suited to firing a crucible than forging, and
managed to bang out a piece of steel that at least looks like a knife.

Unfortunately I live in a rather compact neighborhood that isn't exactly redneck friendly.
So I have to move everything in/out of the garage every time I want to make something. Thankfully, this
problem will be remedied shortly, as we will be moving to a rural area in Florida around the beginning on the year.
Once we move I intend to setup a permanent shop outside and build a gas forge.

While I'm waiting to move, I figured I would try my hand at making some blades using stock removal.
I've picked up some 80CRV2 stock and I'm building an electric heat treating oven that is almost finished.
If I get time this week, I should be able to get it completed and give it a test run this coming weekend.

I just wanted to say "hello" and to thank everyone for the wealth of great information I've found here.
Here are a few pictures of my forge, first knife, and heat treating oven.



The "Bucket".  Its an old party balloon helium tank lined with a mix of fireplace cement and perlite.


Working on my first knife using a mix of wood and lump charcoal.
The blower is from an old heat gun that quit heating.  Powered by a 12V DC power supply.


Fresh from the forge, it started life as a piece of 5/8 round bar.


Starting to take shape.  All work was done by hand with a file.  No power tools.
I still need to finish shaping it and heat treat.


This is my work in progress heat treating oven.  Inside dimensions: 4.5"w x 4"h x 16"d
120VAC, 1500w.  




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