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I Forge Iron

Metal From Dirt Bike Engine Internals, Etc

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Hey all hope all is well.

Recently got into forging iron and a friend of mine, who is a dirt bike racer, gave me a bucket of scrap steel to mess with.    I searched the side for "engine internals" and couldn't find anything as to whether these things are malleable.   They are 2 stroke camshafts, input shafts, and gears.   

Are they junk, or can they be forge welded into something else?

Many thanks for your input....   Save me the propane if it's junk....


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Thor's right.  The shafts need to wear hard against either lifters or connecting rod bearings, and hold together at high RPMs with lots of force.  Hard and tough.  The gears could be cast though, which is about as unforgeable as it gets, or they could be drop forged and machined out, in which case go for it.

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good catch smoothbore, the cams came out of 4 strokes.    Nothing gets by y'all!

In my callow and ill-spent youth, I built and raced Moto-Cross Bikes, ... and the parts of a 2-stroke engine, are as familiar to me, as the back-of-my-hand. :D

( And YES, ... they did too have internal combustion engines, waaay back then ..... )



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