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  1. Update - the input shaft forge welded and folded over 4 times. Tons of sparks which I take as carbon content. Took a ton of heat to get to forge temps. Oh and I roasted a 190 lb Pig on Sat for 18 hours which came out xxxxxx, if that counts...
  2. That won't work, trust me. For very little money you will be in business in a big way. Do it right the first time, there is still so much to learn. Good luck! Jim
  3. Hey all hope all is well. Recently got into forging iron and a friend of mine, who is a dirt bike racer, gave me a bucket of scrap steel to mess with. I searched the side for "engine internals" and couldn't find anything as to whether these things are malleable. They are 2 stroke camshafts, input shafts, and gears. Are they junk, or can they be forge welded into something else? Many thanks for your input.... Save me the propane if it's junk.... jim
  4. Thanks Frosty. I am somewhat familiar with the forum format from my car hobby, though there are a bunch of babies on those sites. I have been reading through the forum search engine and it seems like y'all are a good group in here. Look forward to learning and at some point giving back. Given your post count, I am sure we will be talking real soon. take care, Jim
  5. Hello all, Want to introduce myself. My name is Jim and I live in Southlake TX. Recently got drawn to smithing by way of metal artwork, after I learned fabrication skills working on cars. All are hobbies of mine. Looks like a cool community. Apologies in advance for any stupid questions I may have in the future. Gotta say, swinging a hammer is better than any mail order workout DVD... Jim
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