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1733 Blacksmith Guild, Kearney

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Several of us met this evening at the Marlett Blacksmith shop at the Trails and Rails Museum in Kearney (Every 3rd Thursday of the month is the meetings) There are many of us that are members of both the guild and the PBA. The guild is small, only 5-6 active members, but have seen more and more coming each week. And yes we don't just sit around, we do forge a bit. Tonight I worked on a bracket for my post vise and we discussed pouring the new bearings for a little giant we are restoring. 




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The club has been active for about 4 years.  We started by building the shop at trails and rails which is a 50 x 35 building.  A 1900's period.  Fully working shop power hammer ran off line shaft.  The out side and inside is all made from three different old barns we took down. The floor is stained and stamped concrete to look like old brick.  There are pics on here that I put on as we were building.

As a club we do a lot of demos for the museum and public.  The prairie blacksmith is the states abana chapter and we. Hold a couple hammer inns at trails and rails for that.  1733 blacksmiths was started to keep the art alive in the local area partly do to the fact that the pba is more concentrated on the east side of the state. 

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 i am trying.  moved into the division manager position at the counter top shop and all my time has gon up in smoke.  I will make next one and any other things that come up.  lot of commercial work that is getting rapped up this comming week.  I build and forge alot of stuff at my house on the weekend you are more than welcome any time.  or if you need in the tand r shop let me know.  

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