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  1. I like this idea, as a part time mechanic, and even less time at the anvil...I can mess up a good hammer once in a while. Guess I'm going to have to try my hand at leather work next. I do have another leather project in mind so this will be my practice run.
  2. It took a bit of practice but I got it after 2 attempts. I finally got it with a fire that looked like it should be in front of a tent with me roasting marshmallows instead of heating metal haha. It was kind of comical I should have taken pictures, but hey whatever works... I am using a hand crank blower I should have clarified that in the first place. I do like the wood shavings and paint thinner idea, my dad is sort of a carpenter. Thanks notownkid. Also I think a large part of my trouble was not a deep enough fire. I'm going to try putting fire bricks around it so I can put a bit more coal in it this time. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and your time. Hopefully I'll have some nice forged items to show you all soon.
  3. I like the design. I may have to try a few of these for practice. Look good, I like the colors in the handles, just adds a little to them.
  4. I just got it up and going. Took a long time but it burned hot and I messed around with some scrap for a bit. I think I got it figured out now. I had a pretty good fire going then loaded it up.
  5. Hm alright I've got some lump charcoal I'll try an get that going hot first. Thanks DSW
  6. So I went to an open forge with a local blacksmiths guild Thursday night, it was great! I learned more in just a couple hours than I'd learn in a long time alone. One of the guys was even nice enough to give me an old forge he don't use anymore! But apparently I missed the day in boy scouts where they taught you fire lighting...or coal is harder to light. After a couple hours of trying various different things the coal hadn't even hardly began to take. I tried dry pine cones and small sticks like lighting a camp fire and surrounded it with coal until it got going then fed the coal to it. I never was worth a crap at lighting a camp fire either.... Any tips? I'm using anthracite, nut size.
  7. For a grinder or something like that by the time you get it to the desired height its a little tippy. We use one at work for our hydraulic hose cutter it works....ok, but like I said it can be tippy. I would guess pressing on a grinder would be a recipe for disaster, just from my experience.
  8. Yes I plan on it. Can't miss an opportunity like this. Anything I need to know or bring along for this deal? Another vote for chevy..I have a few. Like 7..
  9. Hm I was wondering if an air mattress blower would do the trick. I think I have one of those laying around...good to know.
  10. Very nice place! Looks like a good size shop to. That's definitely my biggest issue is shop space...
  11. Pretty good tour guide Frosty! Nice scenery. where's the shop tour vid?
  12. I will try and make It to the museum on thrusday for sure if I'm welcome to join in the festivities haha.
  13. I love hawks and yours are the best ones I've ever seen. When I first saw the Norse I was amazed (loved the leather work) but holy cow the level of detail on this one is crazy. This is the kind of stuff that makes me wanna keep practicing. Thanks for sharing!
  14. If I flip a pizza I'm mad and I have a mess... Your crust is a hamburger patty? This I gotta see.
  15. Sounds good to me! Just let me know what's going on. Thanks!