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How much does the anvil you use, change the overall look/design of your projects.

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Just looking for opinions, and curious if any one has noticed a change in your typical designs when you changed anvils.


Now I understand that the whole point of blacksmithing is to make the material into the form we want, but I also understand that I tend to design to available tooling.  Has anyone notice a extreme change in style based on changing out your main anvil?


For the majority of my time working at an anvil, the anvil has been a London pattern anvil.  I have had a chance to work at several styles over the years, some with out the cutting ledge, some double horns, some plain blocks, and smaller stake anvils.   I know that I introduce elements more frequently that are easier to do on a double horn, than I would if I had to go to a secondary  tool like dropping in a hardy on a London to do the same operation.  I don't know if anyone outside of me notices, but I am curious if I am alone in this, or if if its something others have noticed.  

If so, Is this one of the factors that give regional differences in styles.  ie East coast vs west coast....  or French vs English....

Just curious.







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I don't know if it changes the "design", ... but it does somewhat change the "techniques" that tend to work best.

And you could make a rational argument, that a variation in technique, will ultimately effect design.

From time-to-time I see guys doing "demonstrations" using temporary set-ups, of "portable" equipment, ... and think, "in my shop, I'd do that differently".

So yes, ... in that sense, ... the availability of "proper" :rolleyes: tools, has a direct effect on design.


I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Pragmatist, ... who will readily incorporate "modern" equipment and techniques into my work.

"Working" Blacksmiths have ALWAYS done so, as well.

In that sense, I like to think my techniques are a result of the Natural Evolution of the Craft.





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