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Carpool to New England, Sept.11-13

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We always try to price the meets so we just break even.  Sometimes we make a few hundred dollars on a meet, sometimes we loose money, but in general we come out even.  With tent rentals, demonstrator fees, food, dumpsters, etc. balanced against expected attendance it can be a guessing game sometimes.  

The Spring Meet will probably be a working meet (no demonstrator to pay for) at our teaching shop in Brentwood, NH, so the price should be much lower.  See you there!

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somewhere there is a credit card ad that lists expenses and end up with saying the experience was "Priceless".  That is how I've felt after attending a few  NE Blacksmiths events.  I noticed one thing not noted by Judson "Insurance".  We all know that expense.  While $70 is a lot of money I have spent more and got a whole lot less in the end.  I'd like to thank Kundle for making the trip from DE no easy feat.  and Duckman I also understand the expense for those of us on Fixed Incomes.  I've never been disappointed in one of NEB's meets.  

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