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I just stumbled on this site after researching smithing for the last couple of weeks and I have learned more here in the last hour than anywhere else. Thank you for providing a great site. 

Anyways I have always had an interest in working metal since I was a kid heating coat hangers in a camp fire. I haven't started smithing yet but I can't wait to get my supplies and forge ready. I'm in the Augusta, GA area are there any smiths nearby?

Again thank you for the great information on this site, I plan on many late nights reading up on everything.

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Welcome to the forums.


I'm sure there is a guild or association. I see you're on the border with SC, you might be lucky enough to fit into a GA group and a SC group. More learning potential :)


I'm surprised we beat Frosty to it Dodge.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. If you scroll almost to the bottom of the Iforge front page you'll come to the section linking to regional organizations hook up with one close. You'll learn the craft far faster and better around experienced smiths and you'll connect to tools, equipment supplies and BBQs.

Now to resolve myself to tonight's beating. :o

Frosty The Lucky.

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Pack a lunch and a cold drink before you visit the site. Choose a subject of interest and start reading. Find a local group and go to the meetings. They will have the tools you need and the experience to teach you what you want to know. Welcome to the site.

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