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I Forge Iron


David Jacobson

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Hi Im new here. I just found this fourm and I had to check it out. I build iron handrailings for a living. And I make knives sometimes too.
Here is a machetti I just finished for a client who will use it at work. I forged it from a peice of 3/16"x 2" L6. It's 19" long with a rubber handle. I tested it out by chopping down some small trees on my property.


Jacobson Manufacturing





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Thank you for the warm welcome.
I got the handle material from K&G

I used a 40 grit then a 220 grit belt on a medium speed to shape it. I deeply roughed up the tang and the inside of the scales before epoxying. and I peined the pins over realty good.
All the rubber shavings floated on top of the water and when I went to grind a piece of metal it started burning and stunk up the shop pretty good. So ya just have to remember to move the water bucket before grinding rubber.
I do like the performance of the handle. Even when its wet I still have a good grip. I will be using it again on some of my working knives.


Jacobson Manufacturing

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