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Advice for beginner!

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Go to the top of the Forum and click on User CP
Click on Edit profile
Go to the bottom of the page and enter your location.
click save.

It will put your location on the top of your posts and make providing answers easier knowing where you are located.

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Advice to a beginner
I would agree with everything Dan and Glenn said. I believe what Dan and Glenn said was simple and valuable advice that is worth reading over again.
Go to Home page and you will find the following Ref:
Want to get started in blacksmithing ---> Click here
Want to find information quickly ---> Click here
Want to navigate the site ---> Click here
Looking for a blacksmithing group near you ---> Click here
If MI = Michigan, then I would contact the following: Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association - MABA at: President Steve Alling Romeo, MI
Email: allingjan@yahoo.com (586) 752-7016
When Dan said: “The worst part? Trying to teach yourself on your own”, I agree.
But in addition to what Dan said, I would like to add;
Because sometime when someone tries new things on their own, they may not realize the safety issues associated with what they are doing. We are all about safety first!
Nothing beats hands on experience guided by a qualified person, coupled with the associated study necessary to understand the how, why, what, when, how many, how hard, and most important; what to charge! :rolleyes:
Learning to do it right the first time saves a lot of money and pain.
Like Glenn said: “Protect everything you want to keep”.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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Most basic piece of advice: "Get to work." There is a certain amount of hand/eye coordination and muscle memory that goes into developing proper hammer control. This is a curt answer, and there are many other skills that you will develop as you learn, but, just as we found out when we learned to ride a bicycle, there simply is no substitute for "doing".

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I am a member of MABA and I do know that there is a group of smiths in the U.P. that used to meet on a regular basis, I can't remember where. Unfortunately being a yooper you might have to travel a ways to meet up with any other smiths. But since Marquette is one of the larger cities up there, you might get lucky. Contact Steve Alling, he might know who you need to contact. I know Steve personally and spend nearly every Tuesday in his shop. He is a great guy and is extremely interested in helping anyone that wants to learn more about Blacksmithing. Also I would suggest joining MABA and ABANA. You will get their magazines full of ideas and tutorials. That will help get you started.
Good luck

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The advice
The beginner should go to "getting started" on the opening page of IForgeIron.com followed by "Lessons in metalworking > Blacksmithing". Follow the reference trail and read the material suggested you should have a good base knowledge.

Next go to "Blacksmithing groups" and find a group or groups near you and attend the meetings. By reading the material suggested in the first paragraph, you will understand what they are talking about and be able to ask questions. Use a notebook, recorder, and camera in order to record and remember what interests you.

So far your only expenses should be gas to the meeting and lunch. Re-evaluate your desires and if this is something you want to do - go for it. The greater your desire, the more likely you are to succeed.

The best part? Blacksmithing allows you to be creative, productive and inventive.
The worst part? There is always more to learn and never enough time to learn it all.
The advice? FIND a way to get started. Find someone to work with and learn from, then teach others.

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