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hydrogen blistering


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Dear sirs,

I am working on a project that focus on hydrogen blistering of low carbon steel of CK15.

Our goal is finding processes that  cause hydrogen blistering on the surface of CK15 steel sheets. The coupons are exposed to H2S and CO2 gasses in a controlled conditions to create hydrogen blisters on the surface of CK15 steel sheets.

I wonder if anyone can suggest any process that causes and helps the creation of hydrogen blistering on the surface CK15 steel sheets.

Thanks a lot.

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I have trouble imagining this guy is anything but a lab tech, he certainly doesn't know enough to attempt any of the things he's asking about.

We used to get new lab techs in the materials lab and they were all full of "good" ideas for mix designs and new test methods. They were usually early enough in training they had no idea what a representative sample meant or why consistent results were important.  Yeah yeah, I know I were one! You typically spent a couple years running gradations before they let you start learning mix design. A year if you already had an appropriate degree.

Frosty The Lucky.

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