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I made a fishing gaff and bending jig.


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My dad asked me if I could make him a gaff to help him out when he catches catfish. Usually eatin size ones in fresh water ponds. So I gave it a shot. I'm pretty sure I made it way more complicated than it needed to be but what the heck, it beats mowing the grass.

Used 5/16" rod and treated pine handles. The handles are like knife scales on the t-handle loop. You can kinda see the "full tang" aspect of it in that bottom pic.  A while back I got some blue wood stain to fool around with so I tried on this, I think it came out pretty cool.


I really didn't know how to make one so I made my very first bending jig too. Used it on the handle


It was absolutely not necessary but I posted some short vids on these just because I like wasting time editing boring videos. :)



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I really like the music in your video, much better than narration. The high speed hammering was entertaining too. It's an enjoyable and educational video. Good job.

A wrist loop lanyard is another alternative to losing them overboard. If you look at an eagle's talons you'll see a gaff profile that's been perfected by million's of years of evolution. That tip is courtesy of Mr. Harding my heavy metal shop teacher. I traced a Bald Eagle talon in a Nat Geo mag for the model and it worked WAY better than factory gaffs. You don't need to reach under the fish and pull up, you can simply flick it against the fish from it's side and the profile of the hook just sets itself. Gotta be S-H-A-R-P. :o

I understand making something for Dad but you DO have a simpler handle plan for the next ones don't you? ;)

Frosty The Lucky.


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If it works really good but sinks like a stone you will get repeat customers:D

:) Yeah, more than likely I'll be doing some retrieval from someone's cow pond.

Thanks for the comments and input guys. I'll have to check into some floatation/retention mechanisms if it don't float. I'm pretty sure it will be used mainly from the bank but that doesn't mean it wont end up in the drink.

Thanks for the gaff profile tip too Frosty. I had looked at several pics to get an idea, the eagle claw makes perfect sense.

And I will have to come up with simpler way if I make anymore, that was just an idea that I had turning in my head for a couple of days. At least it motivated me to make a bending jig that I may can use for other stuff.

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Less steel in the handle will help too. A simple pass through with a second hole part way through from the top in line with the handle. Pass the gaff shaft through the handle and bend it into a square staple so the free end will pass into the second hole. A little epoxy in both holes and pull the shaft down tight and let it set. Oh you want a little groove between the holes so the staple drives flush.

Frosty The Lucky.

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