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Some new clothes for the blades


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They do work, do a bit of reserch, learn how to saddle stich, that will save you rivits (you will still want 2-4 rivits) can't be 100% but i looks like you just riveted the two sides together, inserting a strip between the to sides keeps the blade from dulling on the rivits, or on a stiched sheath, cutting the stiches. Another thing to consider is oiling and wrapping your knives in foil and wetting the leather to mold it to the knife, not only a nice look but it aids in retensian. But not a bad start at all. As you advace pig skin liners are nice (i have used shearling flesh side to the knife for padding and retensian) or mule/horse hide (resists sweat and barnyard acids) for sheiths that rest primeraly inside the waist band (look at the NSA pistol rig by Galco) with a rough out. A bit more skill and tool acuisitian and you'll be  ammazed what you will be doing in a month, year, decade....

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