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ID for anvil

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Guy - it might help if you edit your profile to display your location in the world? There might be some IFI members who love nearby. 


BK are an Australian manufacturer no? 


As for the other one I've never seen one like it personally. It is clearly cast though it's impossible to say if it is cast steel or cast iron... It could be Chinese or Russian but I have no idea. I'm guessing 60 is the weight in pounds?  What is the rebound like with a ball bearing? 


Assuming the rebound is good then just crack on and get using it. It's in pretty good shape regardless of what it is made from. 



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ID here, if you are within a few miles of me I could take a look so others here could help you more.

I suspect from the design that the 60 is kg not pounds


you need pictures of all sides including the bottom

any markings

measurements and weight

then we may be able to help more


it would also help if we knew which part of the world you were in

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Oh sorry guys!  I'm from israel and i don't have it yet.  Came here to see if it's worth anything. 

It is 60 kg not pounds.  And the bk is australian but it's lighter. 

Thanks a lotfor the replies  

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there are a few australians on here who could probably help.

cast iron anvils are generally not good but cast steel anvils often are good, I have a KL and many on here have the american Fishers, both of which are cast steel with a tool steel top and are considered good anvils.

from the photo they look good and to me would be quite a useful size

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